Your Child’s health at risk?

Too much on their mind? or Too much on their back?

school kids backpacks heavy spine damage

Worried about your child’s health and what they can catch while at school? In addition to the Flu, there are other dangers lurking, even as we send them out the door to catch the bus.

When I was in school, we left our books in the desk. Even in high-school I didn’t carry many books home for homework. Today its a different story. Today students not only have a lot on their minds, but a load on their backs. You would think that in our digital age of Kindles and IPads that kids would be carrying less poundage with them as they travel to and from school. Not so! 15-20 pound backpacks are now the norm. Our kids develop arms that look like Popeye’s by the time they reach high school.

Heavy pack, not good on the back

The struggle between gravity and educational text books take a toll on your child’s back. Compared with unburdened walking, walking with a fully loaded backpack shows a significant increase in thoracic extension and right lumbar later flexion as well as a significant decrease of lumbar flexion. In plain English that means OW! My Back Hurts!

Easy fix to a heavy burden

Wheels were invented just for this purpose. Pulling a pack on wheels puts much less strain on their young backs. This is extremely important as they are growing and developing into adults. Pulling the pack increases extension much less, far less right lateral flexion, reduced right rotation of the thoracic spine and significant decrease in overall strain of the spine. Again, in plain English Aaahhh, that’s much better.

Coolness Factor

It may not be as cool to pull a pack on wheels, but the health benefits should be obvious. A back thats outa whack from backpacks pulling on their spine can lower your child’s immune system leaving them more susceptible to catching that dreaded bug that everyone has.

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