Accidental Headache

I had an auto accident last week, now I have a headache?

You had a minor fender bender car accident a couple of days ago, maybe last week. You were fine, you’re thinking that there’s no need to see the doctor. But now you are starting to get headaches, sore muscles, back pain. What gives?

Minor Fender Bender Ain’t so Minor

Our bodies don’t like sudden impacts. Getting hit with a 2 ton moving vehicle even a slow speeds our bodies absorb more energy than we should. We are talking Newton’s law kind of energy, not energy from the Force or from that Monster Energy drink. You know, an object at rest tends to remain at rest. That kind of energy. Just check out the damage to your bumper, that should tell you how much energy your vehicle absorbed while you were sitting in it.

So why am I just now getting headaches and sore muscles and back pain? We’ve all seen the person wearing the neck brace in court pretending to be hurt so they can collect insurance money for pain and suffering. But once you experience this for yourself, you soon realize that it is not fake pain, it is very real.

When our bodies encounter an unexpected trauma, even from a fender-bender, endorphines are released from the pituitary gland and counter-act pain and stress. This is why many people can be seriously injured and not realize it. The effects of the endorphines take awhile to wear off. Some people experience pain minutes after the accident, others it may be several days.

The stress put on your neck during an accident is a force to be reckoned with. The average person’s head weighs about 8 pounds. This 8 pounds of mass is sitting still while the rest of the body is thrust forward with multiple G’s. In the middle of all of this action is your neck trying desperately to hang on to both your body and your head. Your neck takes the brunt of the force and is the most fragile.

Additionally, all the muscles attached to your neck are strained during the accident. Pulling the muscles in a direction that they were not meant to go at a high rate of speed. This is where the soreness comes from in your shoulders and upper back as well as neck muscles. Just like pulling a hamstring from trying some crazy stunt (like exercising) without stretching first.

Take immediate action

Don’t wait for everything to start hurting, go see Dr. Cathey immediately. If you did wait until the pain has become too much to bear, make an emergency appointment with Dr. Cathey. We have a coupon on the main page of our website which will give new patients a free initial exam and consultation. Print that coupon out, click on the Schedule Visit or give Dr. Cathey a call.

Dr. Cathey at Cathey Chiropractic has been helping patients in Colorado Springs with low back pain issues for 11 years. Dr. Cathey is an active member of the community and anticipates helping you feel great. He is passionate about his patient’s health. Be sure to visit for more information. We have a coupon on our website which will provide you with a free initial consultation.

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