Chronic Low Back Pain

Does Chiropractic really help?

So you’ve been living with low back pain for as long as you can remember. Its been suggested that you visit a chiropractor and get some relief but you are skeptical. Sometimes the back pain is rendering you incapacitated, you can’t get out of bed, yet you ignore the symptoms and live with the back pain. You procrastinate because you worry that an adjustment will be painful. (Video Article)

Can chiropractic really help my low back pain? Many patients come to Cathey Chiropractic with moderate to severe low back pain, having a difficult time walking, sitting or driving. When patients prolong their misery and procrastinate a chiropractic visit they experience increasingly worse symptoms. (video below)

Dr. Cathey uses pre-adjustment therapy to relax affected muscles which minimize the stress on the inflamed area of the spine allowing much gentler spinal manipulation. Most patients feel immediate relief after their first visit. Unfortunately since many patients don’t seek chiropractic medical assistance when the low back pain first becomes an issue, regular adjustments and therapy are required for an appropriate period of time. Each patient is unique and responds to adjustments differently, some faster than others.

With regular exercise and stretching routines, the length of time required to return your low back to optimal condition will shorten. Dr. Cathey will prescribe a program designed for your specific need to encourage your body to heal. This program will include diet, exercise, therapy and adjustments as required.

Dr. Cathey at Cathey Chiropractic has been helping patients in Colorado Springs with low back pain issues for 11 years. Dr. Cathey is an active member of the community and anticipates helping you feel great. He is passionate about his patient’s health. Be sure to visit for more information. We have a coupon on our website which will provide you with a free initial consultation.

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