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Trusted doctor for sports health

All injuries

We have been helping athletes of all ages to recover from nearly all types of injuries, including sprained ankles, neck and back injuries, rib displacements, arm and shoulder pain, muscle strains, golfer's elbow, tennis elbow, and rotator cuff injuries.

Recover from injuries

At Cathey Chiropractic & Laser Allergy Center, we'll help you recover and repair your body back to normal no matter the injury or amount of discomfort you have been experiencing.

Diagnostic tools

We will find the best solution for your injuries and devise the appropriate treatment plan.

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Quick diagnosis


Soft tissue and joint care will help speed your recovery

Fast recovery

Enjoy a fast, easy and natural recovery from your injuries

We have the solutions to your sports injuries

We will quickly diagnose your injury and begin your treatment

We utilize various treatment methods that have been proven to provide long-lasting results. We have the solutions for you, no matter what sport injury you are suffering from.