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Suffering from allergies? Try our Laser Allergy Therapy!

The frequency test

Before we begin treatment, we do a frequency test to get a better idea of your body's specific allergies and reactions to them. Our frequency test sends bio-frequency signals through the body and looks for negative reactions to those frequencies. Because each bio-frequency represents an allergen, we are able to pinpoint exactly what you're allergic to.

Laser treatment

Once we figure out what allergens are causing irritation, we use a laser to create counter-frequencies that help treat your allergies. We can even do out-of-office treatment using beads that are placed on your reflex points.

Common allergens

- Grass/tree pollen

- Dust mites

- Mold

- Animal dander

- Ragweed

- Cigarette smoke

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Thorough testing

Lasting relief

Breathe easier after a session of laser allergy therapy.

Modern technology

Say goodbye to needles and hello to modern technology!

Your treatment is custom-tailored to your needs.

Our frequency test scans your body for reactions to hundreds of common allergens.

If you're tired of coughing, sneezing, and wheezing, it's time to make a visit to Cathey Chiropractic & Laser Allergy Center. Our laser allergy therapy takes your specific allergies into account to create a treatment that's right for you.

Customized care

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